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The North West Regional Group proudly support trn in their pursuit to offer therapeutic interventions to people affected by mass trauma 

Trauma Response Network (TRN) is a not-for-profit service which provides free therapy and support to people affected by a mass trauma event which happened in the last 90 days. The service is delivered both online and face-to-face.

TRN allows people who may be suffering trauma to be quickly assessed online by a network of qualified psychological therapists.

The initial online consultation and support programme aims to identify the severity of the symptoms, and from there the regional Hubs will put into place an appropriate programme of short to medium term support, again for free and usually face-to-face.

TRN is not a replacement for services provided by the NHS, but rather an additional option at times when emergency resources are stretched. 

A network of local EMDR volunteers, under the umbrella of the national TRN, work within their communities to build local capacity and provide pro bono treatment in times of disaster. In particular, support can be provided to children and adolescents who may lack the life experience to cope so readily when faced with a life-changing event.

If you are a qualified EMDR practitioner and wish to join the volunteers in the trn network, or you are in need of their support, please contact them directly through their website.

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